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2020 has been a crazy year and we still have the holiday season in front of us. For you dads looking to get ahead of the madness this article is for you. We’ve searched online and asked friends for input. What we’ve come up with is a list of the best 2020 holiday tech gifts for everyone on your list. Kids, spouse, parents, and friends alike will all be happy to receive one of the many items we highlight.

Grab some cookies and milk and dig in as we highlight some gadgets so cool you might even pick up an extra one for yourself.

Best 2020 Holiday Tech Gifts

Snap & Steam

Nothing good on TV these days? The Snap & Stream makes it easy to share your photos right to the TV. This device will be extra helpful this year as many families won’t be able to travel and see loved ones. For you dads with foresight this gift will be a winner for distant family members.

Simply download an app, plug a small brick into the TV and you’re ready to stream photos. The remote even has a small, red hear that illuminates when new content is added. Now family all over the country can share pictures of their holiday festivities and share with those closest to them, even though they are physically far apart.

Last I saw these are going for $89 on

Snap and Stream photo sharing device

Karaoke…No Strings Attached

You and the family love karaoke, but hate the tangle of wires? Sounds like you need a wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone. Your typical at-home karaoke machine can easily cost hundreds of dollars. What I like about the Banaok device is that you just need to buy the mic. It connects to your phone allowing you to use any karaoke app you like. Easy to use, portable, and wallet-friendly make this a Nerdy Dads favorite. No promises that it will make you sound good though.

Last seen for $30.99 on Amazon with 11 colors to select from.

Bluetooth Beanie

Winters can be cold so having a warm beanie will come in handy. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also listen to music while braving the elements? Well, this Bluetooth beanie from FULLLIGHT TECH is just what you need.

Boasting a 16-20 hours of continuous music this beanie will be perfect for your music loving friends and family. Made from knit cotton this beanie is soft to the touch, but will keep your head warm in the winter. You can also make phone calls using the Bluetooth so you are set for those commutes to school or work and trips to the store.

Pick up this warm gift for the music fan in your life for less than $20 on Amazon.

Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

If you’re a frequently well-rested dad please get in touch and tell us how you do it! For the rest of us, this Bluetooth sleeping mask will help you get those much needed zzz’s.

This mask from Joseche has built-in Bluetooth so you can put on some relaxing music and drift away at the end of a busy day. Perfect for drowning out the sounds of a full-house. With play time of 9+ hours you will be lucky to ever fully wear down the battery. The mask is adjustable to fit various head sizes. If the Bluetooth module is a bit uncomfortable it can be easily removed when sleeping and replaced when you just need to give the appearance your asleep for a little at home R&R.

Currently going for $22.99 on Amazon and seems to be popular with a 4.4/5 rating from 3,889 shoppers.

Bluetooth sleeping mask

Charging Bracelet

Looking for something that is functional and stylish for the fashionista techie in your life? This fashionable bracelet doubles as a phone charger. Great if you find yourself short on battery while on the go.

Pick your style with either black of the white/rose gold.

We’ve found some cool items in our searches that will make for excellent 2020 holiday tech gifts. As the holiday season approaches we will share more lists of some of the coolest items we can find. If you’re looking for some dad-specific items check out of list of top gadgets for dads that you never knew you needed.


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