The days are getting shorter and cold weather is rapidly approaching. That means we will be spending even more time in our homes if that’s possible to imagine. To help you prepare for the Fall months I’ve shared my favorite Fall 2020 gadgets for the home that I’ve found so far. Some of these gadgets are helpful throughout the year, but all are nice to have around when the weather is colder.

Top Fall 2020 Gadgets

Backyard Fire Pits

Something about that smell of wood burning just screams Fall to me. While I don’t go camping as much as I’d like to these days, a backyard fire pit can be a good substitute. When it comes to fire pits you have a few options. Some, like the Bali Outdoors wood burning fire pit, is good to gather around and can be used to cook. Nothing like burgers cooked over an open wood flame!

Bali Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

Other fire pits are more for social gatherings. Take the propane fire pit and dining round from Fleur De Lis Living. This is great for gathering the entire family around to enjoy an outdoor dinner. The flame will keep you warm, but isn’t for cooking.

I really like this style of backyard pit because is encourages family time. If you have felt recently that technology may have a negative impact on family communication then this pit might be just the thing to get everyone to put down their devices for a while.

Outdoor Lighting

If the fire pits above piqued your interest you may need some outdoor lighting for your backyard hangouts.

Here at Nerdy Dads you know we like to geek out. This even extends to our selection of outdoor lighting options. I’m a fan of the Philips Hue Calla Bollard. This outdoor light looks amazing and can even work with various colors. That will turn a backyard BBQ into even more fun as the sun drops and the colors come to life. The sleek design and LED can be set to match any mood or backyard design. Best of all the light is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to turn the lights on and off or change colors. It also works with Apple homekit or Google assistance so you aren’t locked into using just Alexa.

Philips Hue Calla Bollard Outdoor LED Light

Meural WiFi Photo Frame

I can’t speak for others, but at least 70% of my annual photos are taken in the last two months of the year. With family visiting and the Holiday excitement I get click happy with my camera. This year will likely be different since travel plans have been put on hold. That doesn’t mean that family around the country still can’t enjoy some pictures.

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame is great for your home and as a gift for loved ones. Here’s what you do. Get one Merual for your home. Link the photos from your smartphone to the digital frame and enjoy the memories. Send one to a family member and they can do the same. You might not physically be in the same room, but pictures of friends and family from across the country can rotate through the Meural.

Canon Ivy Camera

Canon Ivy Outdoor Camera

The Canon Ivy Camera is an exciting pocket camera great for hiking through the beautiful fall foliage. The camera even has a carabiner built-in that can easily attach to a backback or belt. Just like you’d expect from an outdoor device the camera is waterproof and shockproof.

The Canon Ivy comes in three different colors and conveniently syncs to your smartphone to transfer photos. With 1080p high-def video capabilities and the ability to capture images with the 13 megapixel sensor this is an excellent gadget to pair with the Meural WiFi Photo Frame.

Coming in at $79.99 this little camera packs a punch in features, but not in price. Great for kids looking to explore the outdoors and take some photos. The best part for parents is that it doesn’t connect to the internet like a smartphone. If you want your kids to capture the beauty of the outdoors and not spend time on social media, this solves both problems.

TikiTunes Portable Outdoor Speakers

We’ve already covered a few of the interesting Fall 2020 gadgets. Now we meet the TikiTunes outdoor speaker. These portable Bluetooth speakers come with LED lights and can be in a small handheld format or on a pole. The portable version is great if you want to take it when visiting family. The pole option is great for those looking to have the ultimate backyard. Gather everyone around the fire pit and let TikiTunes keep everyone entertained with good music and light show. It’s the best way to spend time with family and enjoy the fall weather.

TikiTunes Bluetooth Speaker

The Trunkster

For those of you who will be queueing up at airports this Holiday season the Trunkster is going to be your travel gadget of choice. Traditional suitcases aren’t comfortable, stylish, and certainly don’t scratch your techie itch. The Trunkster changes all that. It comes with USB charging capabilities, zipperless entry, location tracking (great for those of us who have lost bags before!) and even weights itself. It’s pretty much everything you’d want in a travel bag. The only way it could be better is if it allowed us to skip the TSA lines.

The fall is a magical time of year. It is a great time to sit in the backyard and do a non-Nerdy Dad activity. No gaming or coding. Just time spent enjoying the outdoors with family. Hopefully one of the Fall 2020 gadgets I’ve listed above makes your fall even more enjoyable!

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