It’s October 2nd so that means we are only 29 days away from Halloween! This is one of my favorite times of the year. A night full of candy, costumes, and everyone acting like kids. We’ve dug around to find some of the best nerdy dad Halloween costumes at a store or website near you. Check out our list and don’t forget to share your Nerdy Dad pics on our Twitter account (@nerdydadsco).

Top Nerdy Dad Halloween Costumes

The Classic Nerd

First up is your class nerd. Yes he has the high pants, big bow tie, and glasses with tape.

I’ll say the good thing is that being a nerd is different today. No longer the butt of jokes, nerds rule the world! From gaming to computers and the smartphone you’re reading this on nerds have contributed a lot to the world. So if you are in the mood to wave your nerd flag proudly this is the costume for you.

Be sure to go all the way with it and include the pocket protector. If anyone makes a joke you can calmly point out how you don’t have one pen mark on your shirt. Who is laughing now.

Pick up this jumpsuit at for $39.99.

Wayne Szalinski

Let’s go back to the end of the ’80s. In 1989 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was released staring Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski. The original was a hit at the box office and even held the title of Disney’s highest-grossing live-action film for five years.

Now it’s your turn to channel the hilarious and quirky Szalinkski, the inventor who accidentally shrinks his kids.

You can quickly and inexpensively pull this costume together. Stop at your local Wal-Mart, Target, Goodwill or any other store. All you’ll need is:

  • Red-rimmed glasses
  • Dress shirt (solid or small windowpane)
  • Khaki pants
  • Brown dress shoes and a belt

How far you want to take it is up to you. I’d encourage some type of odd head gear that looks like you’re trying to call Mars. If you really want to goo all out you can paint small figures to look like your actual kids. Keep these in your pocket to get a good laugh out of friends and colleagues.

The one area I can’t actually help with is the shrinking ray. If you do happen to come across one please let me know!

Dark Helmet

My mind must be focused on Rick Moranis because here he comes again as Dark Helmet in the movie Spaceballs.

Besides making us laugh, and sometimes cringe, Dark Helmet is an excellent nerdy dad Halloween costume! He’s funny, goofy, and the outfit won’t be tough to make. Stop by any Halloween costume outlet and grab an extra large Darth Vader outfit. If you’re a DIY type of dad creating the helmet with your kids can be a fun weekend project.

While this post is supposed to light-hearted I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to form stronger passwords than Dark Helmet. 1-2-3-4-5 is a bad password for your online accounts and your luggage. To quote the famous Dark Helmet:

1-2-3-4-5? That’s the stupidest combination I’ve ever heard of in my life! That’s the kinda thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

Sheldon Lee Cooper Ph.D., Sc.D.

The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows I can watch over and over again. The characters and plot just make me laugh without control.

If you’re looking to go nerdy this Halloween, but also want to have some pop-culture reference your children might understand then Sheldon is your character. He’s smart, funny, and no one could argue he isn’t nerdy.

For dads looking to involve your kids in your costume decision Sheldon presents the perfect opportunity. Dad goes as Sheldon. Your child goes as Young Sheldon. It’s perfect for a fun and collaborative costume design.

Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown

Last, but not least, in our nerdy dad Halloween costumes review is Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Released in 1985 this movie is still one of my all-time favorites 35 years later. I guess others agree because in 2008 the good Doc was selected one of the 100 greatest movie characters of all time by Empire magazine.

A Doc Brown costume doesn’t have to be elaborate. Get some out of control long white hair, a lab coat, and make some crazy eyes. You’ve pretty much got what you need! If you happen to own a DeLorean I believe this costume might be required 😉

Halloween is a fun time of year! Candy and dressing up in whatever you can imagine is a fun way to relax. And let’s be honest, we all need to take some extra time to relax and enjoy life after the way 2020 has behaved. No matter what you decide to be this Halloween I hope you and your family have fun.

Now, get to making some costumes and don’t forget to stock up on candy. Kit-Kat or Butterfingers is always my favorite.