Have you ever thought it would be cool to turn your child’s doodles into a game? With DoodleMatic you can create playable games from your children’s drawings. Even from your own drawings if you’re up for the challenge! At its core, DoodleMatic takes your art and converts it into a game by using colors recognized by the app. You can even share your child’s creation with other game builders and doodlers.

How To Create Playable Games

The Magic

DoodleMatic allows you to create two types of games. The first style is the platform game. This is where the character jumps from platform to platform in the pursuit of some goal. Kids can also make a launch-style game (think Angry Birds) where the character is launched with the objective of knocking over targets. The game you design and what the players can do is all driven by the colors used.

The colors you can use and their actions are:

  • Black – the platform or ground
  • Red – obstacles that end the game if touched by the character
  • Blue – the goal(s)
  • Green – your character

For any dads that are part of the DIY/maker movement and want to get your kids involved in the maker movement, this is a great introductory step! Combining drawing, which is fun by itself, with creating your own game gives a child an awesome amount of power. They are able to create their own, custom game that can be shared with friends and family. It can really help open a child’s eyes to the power of technology and what they can do with a little imagination.

The Game Play

The game will play depending on what you built. Either the launcher style or platform jumper style. The in-game character will bounce around trying to avoid the red obstacles while pursuing the blue goals. It’s easy, fun, and great for youngsters.

By relying on the colors used to determine the game play kids can create anything they can imagine. As you might imagine this comes with some trial and error. Once a game is drawn your child will take a picture through the app. On some occasions the game won’t work as expected. The child has to go back, make some edits, and try again.

For any dad in software development, and other fields I’m sure, trial and error is part of the daily job. Literally building something, finding it doesn’t work, and trying again is what I do every day. DoodleMatic helps kids learn that just because something doesn’t work they shouldn’t give up. It’s usually just a small tweak here and there for the game to work properly.

DoodleMatic Availability

The DoodleMatic app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The physical component of the game comes in a box with everything you need to get started. The guides will walk your child through how to create specific in-game behavior. The step-by-step tutorial also explains the use of colors and how each color will impact what happens in the game.

The basic out-of-the-box game is great for children 3+. As your kids get more comfortable with the game advanced features are available that make objects move in the game. At the initial outset all you will need are the app and the correct colors.

Why I Like DoodleMatic

For a child to be able to create playable games is a very educational and empowering activity. As I mentioned above they learn about trial and error and that a mistake isn’t the end of the world. Building that resilience and creativity at an early age will pay off down the road. As opposed to software development where hunting for an error can take a great deal of effort, fixing mistakes in DoodleMatic is rather quick. This ensures your child learns how to resolve errors, but isn’t too difficult to be discouraging.

Once the game is up and running your child can share it with friends and family. It’s another huge confidence booster to have built a game others can enjoy. The positive feedback from others enjoying something you’ve built is amazing. I personally love to design and develop something and hear that the end users enjoy what I’ve built. It means I’ve done my job and provided another person with a solution that brings them joy or makes life easier. Either way I’m happy.

Finally, DoodleMatic provides an easy intro to design and can segue into further lessons in teaching your children how to code.

With the holiday season approaching way faster than I thought the DoodleMatic should be on any parent’s list. Fun, educational, and an excellent opportunity to spend time with your child the game is fun for the whole family.


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