The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the term gaming in two ways: playing games for stakes/bets (gambling) or playing computer/video games. While both activities are common today, let’s discuss the second one.

Gaming in the USA

If you are a parent, you must have had concerns about the number of hours kids spend gaming. Though it happens worldwide, the US kids are greatly into this practice. In particular, boys are more affected since there are more computer games that they can play more than girls. That’s why this discussion addresses especially dads. As the tech industry continues to advance, we expect even more passive entertainment options. But wait! Would you like to see your teenager use their whole day playing various games online, on their devices, or even at gaming lounges? Of course, not! Something needs to be done, and as a family head, you need to stand firm to ensure things take place in order.

What Dads Can Do

The day you bought your son or daughter that mobile phone, computer, or PS4 as a gift was a happy one. He/she was glad to get the present of his/her dream while you were overjoyed for whatever prompted the gift-giving, whether excelling in studies, passing through a rite, or something else. But, now the same present has caused chaos or misunderstandings between you. You feel that too much time is spent using it, more so in playing games. On the other hand, he/she thinks that you’re overly restrictive on the usage. “Is my family crumbling?” you ask. The answer is No. Solve the issue by trying the suggestions below:

  • Let the kid understand how you feel about the behavior. Show that you don’t dislike the child, rather the habit. Learn to say no calmly and reasonably.
  • Teach them to judge how much is too much by helping them set designated time appropriate for gaming like when they’re free.
  • Balance is needed. Show them the importance of active entertainment and other energy-driven home chores to their bodies, psychology, and well-being. Further, assist them to strike the required balance.
  • Be the role model. Teenagers tend to imitate adults, especially parents. Ensure you set the pattern by avoiding overindulgence with your smart devices or other technological stuff unless necessary like it’s job-related.
  • Create time and engage your children in beneficial activities like picnicking, camping, hiking, playing real games, and sports. Restriction without a solution might not be perfect.

What Kids Can Do

Obviously, if dad buys you a smart device or computer, he loves you very much. Why not make it a mutual love and display the same back? Yes, gaming can be fun; playing as Real Madrid against your friend’s Barcelona can appear more enjoyable than even watching the real match itself. But, there are other things also that require your attention. So, make it easy for your dad by trying the below suggestions:

  • Be self-disciplined. Set the time limit appropriate for gaming and stick to that schedule. After all, which is better; completing a league season within a day or taking time while anticipating the upcoming matches? Even the real league season doesn’t end in a day!
  • Make sure of the most important things first. You probably game more than you do other necessary things like house chores or schoolwork, and that’s where the problem is. Why not aim at completing the most significant tasks first before embarking on gaming?
  • Avoid any bad company that may strongly influence you into excessive gaming, even if you have a schedule to follow.
  • Inviting dad to the game is also an option. Remember, dads were once kids and we still like to game on!

Final Thoughts

Indeed, your child can do anything it takes to play computer games, even if you dispossess him/her of the device. Nowadays, gaming stations is can be found in almost every city and that is an alternative. Diplomacy, reasonableness, patience, and being understanding might be the useful tools dads can use!


One part gaming enthusiast, one part Python developer and 100% dad. I write about technology, gadgets, and gaming from a dad's perspective. I enjoy sharing all things tech-related with my kids. I hope you enjoy my musings!

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