Finding gadgets for the whole family to share and enjoy may seem like a daunting task. Parents want one things. Kids want something completely different. Buying new tech can be a challenge these days. Thankfully some items are loved and used by everyone, from dad to kids and even grandparents. Here is our take on five gadgets that the entire family will enjoy.

Gadgets for the Whole Family


Everyone loves robots so why not get a robot to help around the house. We are still years away from robots such as Rosie in The Jetsons, but some cool options are still on the market.

First up is Roomba from iRobot. If your family is like mine getting chores done on-time and without complaint isn’t a frequent occurrence. The Roomba solves that issue with a line of robot vacuums that can clean up messes big and small. Powered by an app and with the ability to set schedules, the Roomba can be cleaning while everyone is at school and work. When the family gets back home everyone can enjoy a clean house (or at least floors).

I’d also recommend checking out the cool line up of robots from WowWee. These robots can do all sorts of tricks. From tossing items to interaction via a video camera on wheels, their is something for everyone.

Be sure to properly secure your smart home devices from hackers.


Many parents struggle with the decision to give their child a smartphone. These are expensive pieces of technology that come with huge responsibility. While younger children might benefit from a smartphone substitute, older and more responsible children might be ready for their own device.

Smartphones are handy as it allows families to communicate like never before. For example, video cameras help capture special moments that can be shared later. The quality of cameras these days means you can even make your own family video. Your kids want to star in their own active video? Bed sheet capes + pool noodle katanas + smartphone camera = your own movie!

Gaming Consoles

This one seems pretty easy to grasp. Playing games is fun! Today many games are interactive which means fun for the entire family. Wii is one device that is really great for families. Many games, like Wii Sports or Wii Golf, allows everyone to play and compete against each other from the comfort of the living room. These games are also a good way to get in some exercise if you can’t get out of the house.


The iPad quickly comes to mind here. Easy to use and with an endless supply of games, the iPad can be a kids (and parent’s!) best friend. What’s great about the iPad is that the App Store has tons of games that kids of all ages can enjoy. Families heading out on a long trip will benefit from the hours of entertainment and quiet time that comes with an iPad. Some games on the iPad, such as Angry Birds, will be fun. Others like Oregon Trail will be both fun and educational. It’s a great mix and one that will keep everyone happy.

Virtual Reality Headsets

A VR headset is a gadget any self-proclaimed Nerdy Dad will want to have in the house. While VR headsets aren’t to the point where I’d recommend tossing your PC or Xbox, they can provide some exciting gaming opportunities. These devices do work better with children that are somewhat older. I’d say 12+ is a good rule when using VR with kids. However, it’s each dad’s responsibility to read up on a device before making a purchase. Some headsets are going to be more adult oriented while others were designed with kids in mind.

As a relatively new gadget dads have many options when buying VR headsets. This is good since devices exist for every budget. Headsets powered by smartphones tend to be on the cheaper side while a full-blown, high-powered setup can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Just like any other gaming system you also need to consider the titles available and experience.

If you’re looking to stay on the cheaper side the Google Daydream View is a good option. It’s compatible with any Daydream-enabled phone which is most Androids. The View also comes with a strong app library, but what did you expect from Google. Starting at $59.99 this is a good intro for VR-curious families.

When deciding on new gadgets for the whole family dads have many decisions to make. Desired functionality, budget, interactivity, and much more all come into play. However, that’s part of the fun! Exploring new gadgets, teaching your kids how to evaluate a new product, and of course the playing with the actual gadget is all part of the experience.


One part gaming enthusiast, one part Python developer and 100% dad. I write about technology, gadgets, and gaming from a dad's perspective. I enjoy sharing all things tech-related with my kids. I hope you enjoy my musings!

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