The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with people. It removed those cool movie nights, game sessions and cinema experiences from our daily lives. That means we need to adapt, and playing games online with the entire family can become a great social experience for all of us. If you’re not sure what games to play, here you have a list of cool, fun games you can play with your family at home.

Games You Can Play With Your Family at Home

The main idea behind is that you create a room that the entire family can join. One lucky person draws something, and the other people need to name the item/character/thing. The person drawing selects from a list of three options and has only 80 seconds to put the word into a visual creation. It’s an enjoyable game because you never know what people are drawing. The faster you guess, the more points you get. has multiple rounds per game, so the more guesses you have, the higher the chances you have to win the game.

Mario Kart Tour

Any Mario game automatically ranks as one of our top games to play with your family.

Mario Kart Tour is an exciting racing game that can be played with up to seven friends. All you need is to download the game, connect with your family members via the Nintendo account and race against them. The game covers a multitude of races inspired by real-world locations. It’s also a blast to play, regardless of your age.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each one of your family members has their own island. You can design and build anything you want on the island, and anyone can visit you whenever they want. The game is a unique virtual gathering space. Plus, it’s very cathartic, fun and full of customization options. That means no two people will have the same island layout or design.

For the extra Nerdy Dads out there, Animal Crossings: New Horizons also presents a fun way to introduce your child to financial topics. For the Nerdy finance dads if you haven’t tried Animal Crossing yet you really have to give it a go. Be forewarned: you may end up playing more than the kids!

Golf Battle

The main strength of Golf Battle comes from testing your skills. At its core, the idea is simple, everyone competes on three golf courses per session, and the person with the lowest score wins. You will need to employ a strategy to find new ways to lower your score every time if you want to win. The game allows you to play 1 v 1, and you can also play with up to six Facebook friends at once.

If your golf game is like mine in the real world you might be dismayed to find that Golf Battle doesn’t come with a “foot wedge” option. Apparently my strategy if kicking the ball into the fairway isn’t real golf 😉


If you and your family like quizzes, QuizUp is the perfect game for you. You can play the game against friends in real-time, and you can also discover like-minded people. On top of that, the game covers a variety of topics, from pop culture to history, music, cooking, books and countries. With such a variety of subjects everyone in the family can enjoy the game.

Even if you’re in lock down, there are still lots of ways to enjoy your time and have fun with your family. Playing online games is one of the best and most relaxing social activities. There’s definitely no shortage of games. All you have to do is pick the right game genre and enjoy some amazing times with your entire family!


One part gaming enthusiast, one part Python developer and 100% dad. I write about technology, gadgets, and gaming from a dad's perspective. I enjoy sharing all things tech-related with my kids. I hope you enjoy my musings!

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