One of the best things about kids is that they are up to try anything. It’s no secret that some of our best learning comes at an early age. Part of this is the lack of fear of failure and also the sense of adventure that comes with being young. With many of the low code and no code solutions available today, more online business ideas for kids exist than ever before. With a little assistance from mom and dad any child can become an entrepreneur.

Why Kids Should Start An Online Business

I’ve written at length about how technology can help build a child’s confidence. From joining the maker movement to learning how to type tech can be empowering for a young mind. Becoming an entrepreneur at a young age also carries other benefits.

Entrepreneurship teaches responsibility. Children will have to learn how to be responsible to their clients. This is true of the sidewalk lemonade stand and the young website builder. Hitting deadlines, keeping promises, and providing quality services will all be lessons quickly learned.

Saving for college as well as other purchases youngsters like to make. A first car, a trip with friends, or the latest iPhone. Regardless of what your child wants to save for they will quickly realize the value of a dollar. Learning that it takes work to buy the things they enjoy in life is an invaluable lesson to learn at a young age.

Learning to sell is a huge benefit. Regardless of your feelings on sales we are all a salesperson at one point or another. Even if it is selling ourselves during a job interview. Mastering the art of clearly and concisely conveying benefits of a product or service will be helpful later in life.

Many online businesses can be started with little capital investment. Digital businesses can be built using many open source and free tools. Children can get started with as little as $100 on many businesses. It’s a small investment to make for the education and potential upside if they manage to build up the business.

Online Business Ideas For Kids

Building Websites

web development

Building a website today is much easier than in the past. You don’t have to master HTML and CSS to build something beautiful. Solutions such as WordPress and Wix provide user-friendly website builders that require little, if any, coding skills. A child could practice building a site of their own. Once they have one site in their portfolio it’s time to get selling.

Going around to local businesses is a great start. Spend time with your child creating a list of local businesses. Next, see if they have a website. If they don’t then you have a prospect. Many basic websites cost around $1,500 from a development firm. Your child could offer to create a site for $500 and charge more as they gain experience.

Useful skills gained include:

  • Sales skills
  • Customer service
  • Troubleshooting & problem solving
  • Web development

With a web development firm your child could easily build one site a month for local businesses. At $500/site that is $6,000 per year! I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many kids pulling down that type of dough.

Graphic Designer

So your kid is more artistic and creative? Then how about a graphic design business.

Many mom and pop businesses cannot hire an in-house graphic designer. They may have paid for a logo years ago and haven’t taken the time to give it a refresh. Your child could make a few bucks and help out local shops by providing graphic design services.

With a bit of training anyone can pickup Photoshop, starting at $9.99/mo., or Canva (free!) and be in business.

After your child has exhausted the supply of local businesses they can use online freelance sites such as Fiverr to find additional gigs. Parents are encouraged to keep an eye on any online accounts created to ensure your child doesn’t fall victim to any scams or other bad actors.

The earnings potential can be high with graphic designers charging $15-$50 depending on their portfolio and skill level. At the high end a teenager working 6 hours over the weekend and charging $50/hour will clear $300 per weekend or $1,200/mo! Not to shabby for someone who hasn’t even hit college yet.

Useful skills gained include:

  • Graphic design & creativity
  • Industry software (Photoshop or similar)
  • Client management

Online Merchant

Ecommerce storefront

If you get the sense your child has some merchant leanings then an eBay or Amazon storefront might be appealing. You could even set up shop using a service such as Shopify to create your own virtual store.

Setting up an online store can be exciting. Children must first decide what they want to sell. Items can be from around the house, purchased at garage sales and discovered flea markets. eBay is great for second hand items and tends to charge lower fees, around 10%, when an item sells. Amazon historically is around 15% in fees, though they do vary.

Useful skills gained include:

  • Negotiating
  • Pricing strategy
  • Writing sales copy

I encourage online storefronts with my kids because it teaches so many lessons. First they have to find a product that will sell. Their first hit was a cat statue that they drop shipped from AliExpress. However it took multiple attempts and failures before finding a winner. The kids also learned about pricing strategy. Too high and the item wouldn’t sell. Too low and you either have very slim margins or even lose money. It’s all about finding that middle ground.

Finally, I like that my children were exposed to negotiating. Dealing with multiple requests for price adjustments and deciding what is and isn’t acceptable. They also had to deal with a few unhappy customers when shipments were late. I screened all messages for profanity as some adults handle situations aggressively. The solution to the issue, however, was always up to the kids so they learned by experience.

Social Media Ad Management

Spend just a few minutes on Facebook or other social media and you know ads are all over the place. Someone has to write the copy and come up with a catchy advertisement. That could be your child.

Local businesses may understand the importance of having a Facebook page. What they might not understand is the importance of advertising and doing it properly. It isn’t just writing a headline and adding an image. Strategy must be used to target the proper audience and to send the correct message.

Useful skills gained include:

  • A/B testing
  • Strategy development
  • Data analysis

As with the prior examples your child could offer their services to local businesses. Managing ads will only take a few hours per week and doesn’t require any upfront costs. Your children will quickly learn the importance of creating ads that convert. By running split tests and analyzing data they also develop valuable skills for later in life.

Children that truly enjoy the work can take online certifications, such as the Facebook Blueprint Certifications. Having experience + certifications means your child will have a good shot at landing a job when they reach college. Working a few hours each week for an ad agency will be great experience and give your son or daughter a leg up on the competition once they graduate.


Part of earning income is paying taxes. Once your child is earning more than $600 from their businesses it’s time to talk taxes. Discuss what taxes are and why they are required. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 25% of earned income. Quarterly payments aren’t required unless their tax liability is $1,000 or more.

It also should go without saying that everyone is unique. If your child does start earning substantial revenue with their business talk to your CPA or tax prep firm. This site is written by Nerdy Dads. We aren’t CPA’s or tax professionals so be sure to check with the pros.

Consider Age

Prior to starting any online business parents should take time to explain proper cyber security practices. If your child will be starting an online business they should know how to stay safe online and avoid unnecessary trouble. It’s also important to consider your child’s age and maturity. Many of the online business ideas for kids presented above are better suited for older children. If you have a teenager and a pre-teen it might be good for them to team up. Some sibling bonding never hurts and starting a business can be tough, so the support is helpful.

Numerous online business ideas for kids exist that are fairly easy and low cost to start. As parents it’s our job to expose our kids to various opportunities. We may find our children hate starting a business. That’s fine because it’s a learning event! On the flip side we might be stunned by how awesome they do. Either way we are providing an experience that will help our children learn more about the world and themselves. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to spend time together.