Here at NerdyDads we try to keep the advice simple and ever so slightly nerdy. Just like us. We have queried our friend’s brains and our own to select these gadgets that will help you navigate the initial few months of fatherhood.

LED Night Light

Thinking that you’re too old for a nightlight, but your child isn’t old enough?

Think back to the last time you got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Did you turn on the light? Yea, it’s blinding.

For the sleep-deprived this is a waking nightmare. The lights wake you up more than you would like. Especially if you plan to head back to bed. If you are thinking your phone’s flashlight will work, that will sadly also have the same effect.

You may have also heard that babies wake up throughout the night. Using these LED lights as opposed to the main room lights will allow you to attend to your little guy or gal but will not be enough to completely wake them up. The best gift you can give yourself is the chance for your baby to smoothly fall back asleep.

Simple? Yes. Lifesaver? Absolutely.

They are available on Amazon (what isn’t?) and recharge with a simple USB cable. You can also pick from a variety of shapes and figures to fit your personality.

LED nursery lights

Smart Diaper Bag

You know a diaper bag is a must-have. It will literally be attached to you whenever you leave the house. You might as well get a smart bag to keep your phone charged on the go and be the dad all the cool kids look up to.

A backpack is recommended as it will evenly distribute the weight. Oh yea, this will be heavy so get ready to hit your New Years’ goals if a bit of weight loss was on the list.

Smart diaper bags are great if you plan to be out for extended periods of time. These bags come with a phone charger which is a big deal if you are constantly looking up what that little sniffle might mean.

For an added bonus find a bag that has insulated pockets to keep food and beverages at a safe temperature.

For a stylish bag that has insulated pockets, waterproof material, and a USB charging port the Orbisify diaper bags should be on your wish list.

Self-Warming Bottles

Babies eat and they eat a lot! A self-warming bottle will be a lifesaver for those late night feedings. This is one of the coolest and most useful gadgets that you will want to pick up.

The self-warming bottle, true to its name, keeps either milk or formula warm for you. Best of all is that you won’t need the microwave or have to go through the trouble of warming up a pot of water on the stove for the baby bottle.

Now you can confidently go wherever your busy life takes you with one less worry on your mind.

A Baby Translation App

Was that a cry for attention? Hunger? Time to change a diaper? For new parents and even those who are experienced it can be a challenge to figure out what your little one needs at each cry.

Thankfully, technologists are always up to a new challenge. Available on Android and iOS devices, these apps attempt to interpret what your baby is trying to say.

The ChatterBaby app was developed by a team at UCLA. They claim over 90% accuracy so it might be worth a try. No promises that it will work perfectly, but if it can help even a few times it could be just what you need to become super-dad within the first six months.

Bottle Cap Adapter

It happens to the best of us. You’re in a rush and head out of the house without triple checking your baby bag. Naturally, baby is hungry and you don’t have a bottle.

The bottle cap adapter is a lifesaver in this scenario. It turns any standard water bottle into a baby bottle with a handy screw on cap.

A simple, small gadget that provides more value than its small size might let on. This is exactly the type of thing that will make you the new dad all the other new dads will turn to for advice.

bottle cap adapter

I hope the above cool little gadgets give you something to add to your registry or pick up the next time you are in the store. Once you’ve mastered the above check out our list of top gadgets for dads you never knew you needed.

If you think we left something off the list then shoot us a note on the contact page and we will take a look.

Happy Dad-ing!

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When it comes to fitness and wellness, the gadgets that garner the most attention, in general, will be smartwatches and fitness trackers, a statement to how our cell phones can be of advantage as well. However, those aren’t the best gadgets to assist us with getting fit, as there are various other extraordinary tech gadgets that will assist us while providing more advantages, including faster recovery from an intense workout and staying free of injury.

If you own the correct GPS practice watch and have your smartphone dialed in to keep you on target to arrive at your goals, at that point maybe there are some different devices that can help with that procedure also. Here are our picks for the best workout gadgets that can keep you feeling strong and energized after you’ve left the gym.

Best Fitness Gadgets for Dads

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale is one of the best gadgets and reasonably priced at $130 (find it on Amazon). While Fitbit’s list of wellness trackers gets more attention, the organization makes a remarkable bathroom scale as well. The Aria 2 is an associated gadget that offers a great deal of usefulness for anybody hoping to show signs of improvement in their shape or track weight reduction over a period of time. The gadget clearly works as a scale, however, in addition to estimating weight, it can also follow your level of muscle to fat ratio and compute BMI. The tech-packed scale can store profiles for up to eight people, making this a great gadget not only for dads, but also for the entire family. Those who train together stay together, right? The data matches up remotely with a smartphone, which can be utilized to follow patterns, showing outlines and charts that give a more clear image of weight reduction and general wellbeing.

iFit Sleep HR Sleep Tracker

We couldn’t have a “best fitness gadgets” list without including a sleep tracker. Tracking the nature and quality of rest that an athlete gets assists with gaining insight into their general wellbeing, which is the place the iFit Sleep HR can prove to be useful. This gadget is a little circular device that pairs with a cell phone and is placed between the mattress and box spring on your bed. It records a wide assortment of rest measurements for the user, transferring the information to your smartphone for a survey toward the beginning of the day. The Sleep HR can reveal the amount REM rest you got the prior night, how often you woke up, and exactly how restless or peaceful you sleep. It does this by following heart and respiratory rate while learning your rest patterns, assisting with producing information on rest drifts after some time. It also is a much cheaper option than purchasing a smart bed with built-in sensors.

Hidrate Spark 3 Water Bottle

This is probably the most important, but under-appreciated workout gadgets. Remaining hydrated before, during, and after an exercise is pivotal to accomplishing your wellness goals, not to mention staying safe. The problem for many is that we don’t generally make sure to drink as much water as we should for the duration of the day, which can affect how well we perform when working out or competing. The Hidrate Spark 3 changes everything by delivering a smart water bottle that tracks your intake, syncs with your mobile phone to track your hydration goals in real-time, and charts your goals and progress. BPA-free and made of a smooth silicon sleve for improved grip, this water bottle runs on batteries. Best of all, the water bottle illuminates at regular intervals to remind you when to drink and if you are getting behind in your daily goals. Fun, tech, and affordable at only $63 (shop on Amazon). What isn’t to love!

iFIT PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

This unique workout gadget is different from other workout gadgets you may have heard about. One of the most overlooked aspects of any exercise routine is post-exercise recuperation. In many cases we finish an exercise, hit the showers, and afterward head home, disregarding the irritation and exhaustion that we feel all through our bodies. That irritation can prompt genuine health issues if not addressed appropriately, which is where the PowerDot comes in. This little and lightweight versatile electric muscle trigger treats your exhausted muscles and aching joints regardless of where you go. Simply apply the PowerDot cushions to the zone of the body in need of attention, and utilize your smartphone to control the degree of incitement. The PowerDot application, available for iOS and Android, guides you through each progression of the procedure, helping you to utilize the gadget to its fullest potential without the need of any sort of preparing.

Theragun G2Pro Professional Massage Device

Utilized by fitness coaches and back rub specialists alike, the Theragun G2Pro is simple enough for the recreational user as well. This gadget provides profound muscle treatment to competitors, assisting with reviving their bodies substantially more rapidly while speeding along with their recovery from injury. The Theragun uses a special blend of recurrence and plentifulness to convey a back rub that is extraordinary, yet incredibly restorative, assisting with renewing sore joints, muscles, and other trigger focuses so an athlete can keep on training. While wonderfully relaxing, the gadget is also lightweight and convenient, making it the ideal device for the dads who hit the gym before work.

Sharing great moments with your child is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend your time. And since technology is an important part of our lives, it makes sense to find some cool, fun gadgets for you to use with your child or share them as a gift. Thankfully, there are tons of amazing gadgets out there, you just need to find one that your child will like a lot.

Child’s Smartwatch

A good smartwatch will always come in handy for kids. It has functions specifically suitable for kids, like playing games, recording voices, and taking photos. These units don’t have the latest processors or anything like that, instead, they are a lot of fun to use and they bring in lots of value and efficiency for the money.

Dot the Code Teaching Robot

There’s nothing better than teaching your child how to code. Dot, Dash, and other robots from Wonder Workshop can really help your kid learn how to code naturally and without pressure. It’s one of the coolest ways to learn to code, and it can be insanely fun for the entire family.

Virtual Reality Headset

We don’t recommend a certain VR headset because it will all differ based on your budget. You can find some cheap ones that use your phone, others are fully independent. Regardless of that, these are a pleasure to use and you should totally consider giving them a try for the best experience and results.

Digital Microscope

Kids are very curious and they always want to learn new stuff. A digital microscope is definitely the best investment if you want to let your child magnify items up to 1000 times. It’s an incredible experience and it really goes to show just how much fun you can have with your child by studying all kinds of items under the microscope.


A hoverboard encourages your child to go outside and explore the neighboring areas. It does take a little bit of time to get used to how you can use a hoverboard, but it’s a pleasure to use and it will bring you some amazing results.

Selfie Camera for Kids

These cameras are fun and also waterproof most of the time. Your kid can play with the camera, take pictures and then upload to a computer. It’s a fun little gadget that will keep your child busy during the day. That alone makes it an incredible option for busy parents that want their kids to have fun while their parents are away.

We recommend you to always try out new, creative gadgets for your child. There are so many options on the market, you just need to find the right one to suit your requirements and budget. In the end, all gadgets are fun in their own right, so experiment and see which ones are the best for your kid (don’t forget about dad gadgets). One thing is certain, there are tons of amazing gadgets for kids out there, so there’s a lot of fun to be had with them!

I want you reflect some decades back. Did you live in the 1970s or years leading up to the 2000s? Times have changed, and so has life in general. How things were done back then can be highly regarded as analogue, especially by the so-called “digital generation.” So what’s the gist about what I’m saying? Let’s find out below.

Dads, Gadgets and Their Children

Our discussion subject will be technology-based and how it has or is affecting family life in the United States. As a parent, you no doubt want the best for your kids, which means going the extra mile to provide for them even things like smartphones you didn’t have while growing up. But, that’s what the timeframe we live in requires from parents, and it’s a commendable thing you’re doing. Dads, in particular, have a huge responsibility to provide for the family as the head. Undoubtedly, kids appreciate such loving care and parental support. Do you find technology causing trouble or separating your children from you? Don’t worry! You can overcome the challenge in an efficient and friendly manner.

Understanding Why Kids Love Gadgets

Do you remember the kind of activities you did while growing up? They were possibly like going for a nature walk, playing games, swimming, and exploring hobbies. In short, they were physically-involving, unlike today, when passive entertainment is everywhere. You wonder, “Why does my kid love his/her mobile device so much?” You wish the child could go out and play, but that’s not happening. Here are some significant reasons why that won’t happen:

  • Gadgets are a common item today. The ease of accessing them promotes love towards them.
  • We live in the tech era. If you go to Rome, do as the Romans do. Youngsters born in this digital era find that to be the trend, so they fit in. They see people, including adults at school or other places rooted in their phones, why won’t they copy?
  • Using smart gadgets is fun and enjoyable. From the apps, games to other interesting features that these devices have, kids find using them amazing.
  • It’s a way of interacting. Young ones love making friends and getting in touch. That’s another thing phones also promote. Talking with one friend after another without realizing how much time is spent results in the attachment.

How Can You Help?

What then happens? Should you give up and let them enjoy as they want? Of course not; as a dad, you have the responsibility to guide and safeguard your children against dangers that may result from using gadgets. They are many indeed. Think of addiction leading to even sleepless nights for some, lack of interest in others, and even time wastage. So what can you do?

  • Exercise patience when assisting. When you try to readjust a child, some may mention that you’re “analog,” thus don’t know what’s interesting. Don’t vent out; remain calm and patient. Of course, you have more experience than them.
  • Reason with them. For instance, ask opinion-seeking questions like; – who should be in control, what things are most important, and how can the use be minimized.
  • Set ground rules. Clearly state the periods of using mobile devices, the duration, and under what circumstances.
  • Try parental control/ monitoring apps. There are plenty of them that can help you monitor every activity done on their phones and advise properly.

The Bottom Line

Life in a developed country like the USA can be challenging for parents trying to help their children from excess gadget usage. Even so, as a wise and caring dad, that shouldn’t be the case. Several things can help to create balance. You can always adapt your methods to the situation at hand.