If your kids play Fortnite then you’ve likely heard about the recent dispute between the game developer, Epic Games, and Apple. Basically, Epic Games tried to sidestep Apple’s in-app purchase rules. Apple got mad. Lawsuits went flying.

The legal mumbo jumbo isn’t why we’re here though. If you’ve ever told your kids they can’t have something then you know they just want it even more. Now with Fortnite booted from the App store we can imagine that it will see a spike in popularity. If that’s possible to imagine given the game has 350 million registered account.

With all the excitement you might be wondering how you can start playing Fortnite. You love to game, but this is new. You might even be nervous being the noob and wanting to avoid your kids pwning you. Fear not as our Fortnite 101 quick start guide will ensure you have the rules and lingo down. The in-game skills, however, are up to you to develop.

Fortnite 101

How it Works

If you’re like me you probably just jump in and figure it out. That’s how all the good games of days gone by worked. You just played and learned while you went along. Now that day is gone and you have me to help guide you through your initiation into Fortnite.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale style game. In this style of game a bunch of players are dropped into a world (called a “map”) and duke it out. If you are defeated then you are out. Obviously the objective is to be the last person standing. It might seem like with a field of skilled players the match could go on forever. That’s where the storm comes in. Throughout the game a storm will close in on the island and inflict damage. This will reduce the number of players and causes the active play area to get smaller as the game progresses.

The game starts when your character drops into the island. You start out empty handed. I guess these developers grew up playing some of the James Bond games where you have to secure a weapon at the start. For you hoarder-dads you should also hunt around for some powerups and other items to complement your weapons at the start.

Once you’ve stocked up on gear it’s time to join the fight!

First we need to go over some Fortnite jargon. You know what they say:

Don’t bring dad jokes to a Fortnite fight”

Fortnite Jargon

This will be your first way to prove to your kids you know what’s up in Fortnite. Use the right terms and you will have earned a small amount of respect. This isn’t everything since new slang will always emerge, but it’s a starter.

  • Heals (aka Slurps) – healing items such as health points. These could be med-kits, chug-jugs, slurp potions and bandages. Helping out a teammate in need can help lead you to victory. My advice for the true noob is to hoard your heals. You’ll need it.
  • Skin – no this isn’t someone seeking a very odd trophy. A “skin” is how your in-game character looks. Buy or earn skins to give your character some personality!
  • Shield pop (aka cracked) – you can triumphantly call out that you’ve popped an opponent’s shield or “cracked” them if you have fully or partially destroyed their shield.
  • Mats – is short for materials such as wood, brick/stone, and metal. Towards the end of the game these mats will be super important so stock up early.
  • Launching – is kinda what it sounds like: an opponent launches into the air. If you see an opponent launch call it out so your teammates can look to the sky for an attack.
  • W-keying – means you or another player are charging ahead full force. The goal: push forward until either your or the opponent are eliminated.
  • Sweats – could be you after an intense round, but in Fortnite it means the good players. The really, really good players. If someone says s/he is a “sweat” then know that player is likely very skilled. What do you call a lobby full of skilled players? A sweaty lobby. No one said this Fortnite 101 guide wouldn’t get weird.
  • Get height – isn’t as bad as it might sound. It just means a player is seeking high ground to have a better vantage point.

Now that you can drop some Fortnite lingo, or at least understand what others are saying, let’s discuss some basic tactics.

Fortnite Tactics

A Fortnite 101 guide wouldn’t be complete without going over a few tactics.

Don’t die is the first sage advice I have to offer. This might seem pretty simple, but when you first jump into the game it’s a lot to take in. If you aren’t careful your game time will be super short. My advice is to head to the blue waters. Find an area where other players aren’t congregating. See if you can gather some weapons and supplies and get comfortable with the controls. Also consider that sometimes sitting back and letting the other players take each other out can be a winning (or high ranking) strategy.

Keep your eye on the storm. As I mentioned above the storm will slowly close in on the playing area during the game. Staying close to the storm makes it less likely that an opponent will sneak up from behind. Just keep your eye on the storm and clock. The storm moves faster than you when it gets going.

Conserve that ammo is likely something you already knew. If you ever enjoyed a good first-person shooter you know being reckless with ammo is a true noob mistake. I expect better from many of you in this area.

Watch and learn young grasshopper. Yup, The Karate Kid gets respect here. If you get knocked out early then sit back and watch. You will likely learn a few new things.

Building might not be the coolest part of the game, but it is super helpful. Learning even a few basic builds can help you access more loot and even avoid damage when an opponent engages you.

Having fun is the point of every game I’ve ever played. Take this as a chance to have some fun with your kids and don’t get too carried away. Let’s be honest, they are probably already way better than you will be (if only it wasn’t for that meddling job).

This concludes our Fortnite 101 guide. If you have never played Fortnite you won’t be a pro by reading this guide. You will have to jump in and learn as you go. Hopefully by understanding some basic jargon and tactics it will be a bit easier as you get going.

At the end of the day, games are meant to be fun so enjoy and have fun with the kids! Even if Fortnite isn’t your cup of coffee I’d recommend checking out some of these other top video games to play with your kids.

Now, off to unlock some new skins and work on my building skills!

Picking out the best gaming chairs for dads was no easy task. We had to consider price, comfort, and super cool features. When many people go to build out a gaming station they focus most of their attention to their PC. This makes sense because you need a PC that is fast and has amazing graphics if you want to get the most out of your experience. However, you must also consider the chair. Think about it. You are going to be sitting in that chair for hours (hopefully), so it needs to be comfy.

Picking a great gaming chair will make a huge difference in your gaming experience. I’ll go so far as to say it can even make you a better player. Ever tried to play while your back is in intense pain? Yea, not a fun experience at all. A good chair can help avoid issues such as back pain, promote proper posture, and give your back a rest.

The best chairs allow you to adjust the height and tilt of the chair so you get is just right for you. Naturally, your kids will use it to spin in circles the moment you’re done, but that’s another story.

Now let’s jump into our review of the best gaming chairs we have had the pleasure of occupying!

The Best Gaming Chairs for Dads

Secretlab Omega

For those who want the best of the best you can stop reading now. The Secretlab Omega series graces the top of our list for so many reasons. The top reasons include:

  • Comfort and support like you’ve never known, but always wanted
  • Sturdy and durable for when a game is so exciting you start to jump around
  • Soft fabric because who doesn’t like something soft and comfy

Secretlab has a line of products, but we’ve only ever enjoyed the Omega SoftWeave. This particular chair is extremely comfortable, which is one of the key features. Secretlab calls it “dream-like comfort” and I’m inclined to agree. Created using dense short yarn, the Omega SoftWeave is made using first-grade products. The benefit of this is that the chair can last for years.

If you’re sold on the Omega, but not on the SoftWeave you can also give the Prime or Napa Leather options a try. We haven’t used these before so we can’t comment on them. However, if they live up to the quality standards set by Secretlab in the SoftWeave they should be great options.

Every gamer knows that you don’t just buy a single product. Accessories are always necessary. Check out the memory foam pillows. The head pillow includes a cooling gel coating so you stay cool in the hottest of competitions.

At this point we’re supposed to present a con or negative to the Omega SoftWeave. Which is tough because the downsides are so small. Even pricing ($379 direct from Secretlab) isn’t offensive given the quality of the chair. Oh, and if you buy direct they previously offered free shipping. I’m not sure if that is still around but if it is the purchase decision is even easier.

My parting thought is that if I had to advise a friend on one chair it would be the Omega SoftWeave. Heck, I’d even recommend it as a work chair. If you have to sit for 8 hours or so at work you might as well be comfortable!

AK Racing Core Series EX

Let’s keep this party going with the AK Racing Core Series EX. AK is a well-known brand in the gaming chair world. With a solid reputation you just know you’ll get a quality chair from them. The most appealing feature from AK is the chair’s build. The metal frame + comfy foam means you will have a chair that will strong for years to come.

While we can’t really call it a budget chair, the AK EX is $349, it isn’t outlandishly expensive as far as gaming chairs go. The chair comes with lumbar support, which is something you must take serious as a gamer. Especially since you aren’t getting any younger, or at least I’m not. You also get the added benefit of adjustable armrests and the ability to adjust the height. Comfort is key so the breathable fabric used in the chair helps keep you cool even during these summer months.

What I really love about the AK Racing Core Series EX is that it comes with a 5 year chair warranty and 10 years for the frame. Given how intense some gaming sessions can get it’s nice to have a warranty should it be needed.

DXRacer Classic Series

The next chair in our lineup of best gaming chairs for dads is for those dads who aren’t as trim as they used to be. No judging here. Personally, the freshmen 15 hit me 15 years after college (check out some cool fitness gadgets we’ve reviewed if you can relate). That is to say if you feel a bit constrained by your current chair it might be time to checkout the DXRacer Classic Series.

DXRacer provides a chair that is roomier than the competition. Thankfully, it doesn’t sacrifice on comfort. The chair is sturdy, supportive, and easy to occupy for hours. The cushioned headrest helps to keep your head comfortable as well. It seems like DXRacer didn’t listen when some wise person said “one size fits all”. It’s a good thing some companies decide to do what they like.


Who says you can’t combine work and fun? Maybe a stuffy boss, but with the NeueChair you will feel like you’re having fun at work. The design might look like a standard office chair, but from the first time you sit down you’ll know it’s anything but ordinary. The metallic base combined with a mesh back and seat say “look how professional I am” while being great for extended gameplay.

By far the coolest feature about this chair is that it keeps you cool. The others on our list have a solid back. Some might have a ventilation slit or two. The NeueChair’s full mesh back is a savior for those of us who have a bit of back sweat or when it’s crazy hot.

If you’ve been working from home and need a chair that is comfy and professional then check out the NeueChair. If you have a super cool boss and/or an expense account it will come in handy. Clocking in at $570+ this chair isn’t the cheapest on our list.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000

I’ll round out this list with the Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL4000. Vertagear is a newer chair on the block for gamers, but the brand is well-respected. It’s key selling feature is the customization that can be done. Really, if you like to tinker this chair is for you. You get the standard seat height adjustment, but everyone offers that. Vertagear stands out by offering a mind blowing 170 degrees of choice just for the back. If you’re one of those dads who has back problems and needs a chair that is just right then the SL4000 should be on your list. Also, the name is just cool.

You’re probably thinking all that customization comes with a hefty price tag. That, good sir, is where you’d be wrong. Coming in at $380 this isn’t the cheapest or most expensive chair on the market. Given the number of customization options it’s a pretty good deal. A proper gaming chair for those long sessions is important. The SL4000 gives you the one-two combo of a good price with all the comfort and features you’d need.

It’s funny how many people never think a lot about chairs. You sit in them everyday, but don’t give them much thought. As a gamer, however, it’s critical to have good support and comfort. The chair is one of the most important pieces of gaming equipment. After which, of course, is finding a game to enjoy with your family!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best gaming chairs for dads and that it helps you find a new chair. If nothing else, maybe it makes you start to think about your current chair and how it might be time for a new one.

There are lots of extraordinary video games that every dad should be aware of that are kid-friendly. That being said, you can also encounter plenty of games full of violence. If you pay attention to parental ratings and spend time playing with your child, you will have no problem narrowing down the right games for your family. Here you have a quick list with some amazing, non-violent video games dads can play with their children.

Video Games Dads Can Play With Their Children


Minecraft is a great game for people of all ages. What makes it great for kids is that it allows them to be as creative as they want. Players can explore randomly generated worlds, craft items and bring their vision to life. It’s the perfect place for innovative, creative kids and there’s an unlimited amount of content. You can also try Minecraft Dungeons with your older child, this is a cooperative dungeon crawler with lots of loot and cool enemies from Minecraft lore.

Super Mario 3D World

Mario games are always kid-friendly, and this one is no exception. The levels are open world, and the game play is pretty easy to understand and pick up for new players. It’s also designed from ground up for cooperative play, so it’s perfect for the entire family. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game, and it’s a perfect kid-friendly title because it doesn’t show any sign of violence. Instead, the main focus is to have more paint on the battlegrounds than the opponent. The visuals and characters are also geared towards children, and there’s a lot of content to go through.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is great for kids that enjoy cars and driving around. Not to mention dads who enjoy a good racing game. The game also has a lot of races, great for testing skills and improving them gradually. Plus, there are tons of collectibles, rewards and all kinds of cool stuff for your child to enjoy.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is unique because it combines the JRPG world with Disney characters. The game play is simple and easy to understand for kids. Plus, the story is immersive. Kingdom Hearts III is not a gory or violent game. It’s a lot of fun for the entire family and that’s what matters the most.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

In case your child loves superheroes (and what kid doesn’t love a good superhero), Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is a very interesting game. Not only does your child get to explore a massive city, but the story is good, the game play is always bringing in something new, and it’s a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

We can’t talk about games for kids without mentioning Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This is a very impressive platformer that really stands out with its touching story and incredible visuals. Under all of that you get a very intense, challenging platforming game, but it’s incredibly fun to play.

You will find all the above to be exciting video games dads can play with their children. All you have to do is to check them out, give them a try and you will be incredibly immersed with the entire experience. It’s an exciting opportunity to improve the bond you have with your child. Plus, playing games with your kid will enhance his or her skill. It also helps set a happy, fun mood in your house and that’s always amazing!

If your kids ever shrug when you hand them a quarter remind them that back in your day a quarter went a long way. I’ll probably never figure out how many quarters and tokens I spent on some of the best arcade games from the ’80s. Probably could’ve bought a better first car, but the memories spent in front of an arcade machine will remain long after that car would’ve been on the junk heap.

While the arcade games of days gone by were lacking in the graphics department compared to your modern PlayStation, they still were a source of endless joy and some great games. Really, who could forget Street Fighter or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? These are games that have even been remade for the modern age.

A tough question back then and still today is which game was the best? That’s a hotly debated issue here are Nerdy Dads and probably for you as well if you’re old enough to remember. Here we break down some of our favorite games.

Best Arcade Games From the ’80s


Released in 1980 by Namco, Pac-Man is a clear winner for me. Likely ranked as one of the all-time best games for many people, Pac-Man is a maze game that was a hit from the start. It’s really tough to even discuss arcade games without bringing up a little yellow ball and some ghosts. Odds are even the kids know of Pac-Man.

Space Invaders


That’s all I could think as those little pixelated aliens dropped closer and closer. Space Invaders is a game that I’ll love forever as it’s possible to spend hours playing the game and you never get bored. I can testify to this. Initially released in 1978 it’s a classic shooter/action game. Again, like Pac-Man, Space Invaders is something your kid has probably played. If not the original, then some derivative game.

The question is: who will win in a head-to-head match to save the planet?


Ah Frogger, a game that involves the most famous frog since Kermit. Admittedly, frogs as a whole don’t have a lot of famous representatives.

Frogger made its debut in 1981 as an arcade game developed by Konami. The game is considered a classic by many experts and this guy. The objective: get that frog across a busy road without getting squished. If you traverse the road you then have to cross a river. This was a great game for killing some time and could get more than a little competitive.


So Tetris is a sticking point here at Nerdy Dads. I am more “meh” about the game. Mike, however, ranks Tetris right next to his wedding as his fondest memory. Wish I could say just joking…

That aside, Tetris was the original puzzle and strategy game. First twisting its way into our hearts is appeared in 1984 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tetris is a game where the player tries to match tiles as they fall. If the shapes match they disappear and the player gets more space (time) on the board and points. However, if the tile pieces stack up too high you lose. Many, many times the latter happened to me.

For a fun fact Tetris was the first game to be developed in the USSR and exported to the USA and is one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Mario Bros.

Just the name Mario and I hear that music. You know it if you’ve played the game and now it’s stuck in your head.

Mario Bros. was released to the world in 1983 and they’ve been in our hearts ever since. Mario and Luigi are famous around the world. They have been updated and appear in newer games on Wii and the Nintendo 3DS.

Navigating a series of levels Mario and Luigi explore the sewers of New York. They defeat enemies, jump over balls of fire and collect coins all in a day’s work. Mario Bros., and any game in the Mario franchise for that matter, are as much fun to play today as they were when I still had to mow lawns for quarters to spend at the arcade.

I get some folks might think this list of best arcade games from the ’80s incomplete. I agree, it’s totally incomplete. The ’80s had so many awesome games it would take me forever to write about them all. Honestly, I’ve probably also had a few slip out of my mind as the pixels dim. However, fond memories of being in an arcade with friends is something I wish my kids could enjoy. Now if only we had more arcades around these days.

Their is no way to accurately describe the experience being a new dad. Emotions range from joy to fear and a bunch of stuff you can barley describe to your non-dad friends.

Gaming as a new dad, however, brings its own set of unique challenges. You will be up late at night, but it won’t be because you are crushing through new levels. Now you will be mastering the new skills of diaper changing and feeding.

It’s a big change from your previous norm, but with a few helpful tips you can still be the #1 dad and keep some of your gaming time.

Gaming as a New Dad

Set Realistic Expectations

Let’s be real. Staying up battling it out online until the sun comes up isn’t an option any longer. A baby brings change and you will need to think about how to properly allocate your time. Hint: more time to the baby is the right move here.

It’s important to realize that if gaming was an important part of your life that it isn’t going away for good. It’s just going to change. You might not get to play every day. Weeks might even go by. But if it is something that brings you joy be sure to speak with your partner about it in advance.

We all need downtime to unwind. This is more true for new parents than maybe anyone else. It’s when you are a new parent, however, that downtime is in super short supply. So have the talk before the baby arrives. Figure out a plan that gives you the time you need, but also consider your partner’s needs.

Your Partner Needs Time Too

Yes, your partner will be going through the process of adapting to a new baby at the same time as you. Clear communication between the two of you will help reduce what is already going to be a hectic period in your life. Open communication also ensures that gaming as a new dad doesn’t come across as disrespectful or uncaring.

Mutual respect and compromise are going to be key here. Don’t for a second think you will log 50+ hours of gaming while the other person looks after the baby, house, and still works. If you’re going in with that mindset, then you have a rude awakening coming your way!

It’s important to be a key part of your child’s life. Early memories are precious and can’t be retrieved. Your game will always be there for you. One strategy is to divide up the work.

Pick a few items in the daily baby routine that you will do. These are your IRL missions and you will need max strength, stamina, and life force to succeed. Some fun tasks might include:

  • Bath time
  • Bedtime stories
  • Diapers (ok, maybe not fun but something pretty darn important that will make for good stories when your kid brings home their first date)
  • Feeding

Also remember to chip in around the house. Dishes, trash, yard work, cleaning and many other tasks still need to be done. Don’t jump in your gaming chair when your baby is asleep and expect your partner to do everything else. This is not only rude, but is going to cause some trouble sooner rather than later.

While not all of your new duties are going to be exhilarating, it’s good to remember that this is part of being a dad. Also, when you do get your much needed gaming time it is going to be more fun than you remember as now it is a real treat.

Finding New Games

This might be one of the toughest parts for a new dad. If you’ve been a fan of MMORPG style games you may need to seek new genres.

Yes, these styles of games are fun but they take a ton of time and concentration. You have to focus and once you’re absorbed in the game world time in the real world zips by.

Find some games that are quick to play and aren’t team based. If you end up being the guy who says “gotta go, be back later” in the middle of an important team match, your teammates will not be friendly for long.

Single player games that allow you to easily save progress (quick save, auto save, etc.) are great as you can play and jump away quickly when needed.

This isn’t to say your days of in-depth gaming are gone forever. Your child will get older and someday they might be joining you on quests. However, that day isn’t today so you need to find games that scratch your itch, but don’t pull you away from family.

The real men recognize that being a dad is the ultimate game in life. This is the one game that, no matter what, you just can’t screw up. No new lives and no checkpoints in this game.

It might take a bit of an adjustment period, but being a dad will bring more joy than any bunch of pixels on a screen can bring.

Notice: some of the links in this article will direct you to Amazon. If you make a purchase we may receive a commission. This does not add any additional expense to your purchase and is how we monetize this site. Thanks for your support!

Most parents understandably don’t want their kids getting too much screen time. With the summer months in full heat and many activities closed due to the pandemic, it might be tough to pull your kids from the video games.

If you’re looking for a good way to spend the hours with your kids and do something fun, but productive look no further. Below are some great games that fathers can play with their kids.

Super Mario 3D World

The Super Mario games might be some of the best, most kid-friendly games ever developed. They have been around since the 80s and Mario has appeared in over 200 games in one way or another.

Super Mario 3D World introduces levels that are open and friendly. The game is friendly for novice players and can be completed with simple controls. For more advanced players, a decent amount of depth can be found.

Most important for us is that Super Mario 3D World has been designed for cooperative play. While many games have a co-op feature, this game, as many Mario classics, was built for more than one player.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

For those of us who were first introduced to Zelda on the Nintendo 64, this game will bring back great memories. I can recall hours, likely more than my parents wanted, playing Ocarine of Time and Majora’s Mask.

While many action-RPGs can be difficult for young kids, Breath of the Wild is unique in that it caters to all skill levels. Due to its core mechanics of combat and exploration children and adults of all ages and skill levels will enjoy the adventure.


It would be tough to be a gamer these days without have at least heard of Minecraft. If you’ve never played, then you have no more time to waste!

Fun, educational, and more than a bit addicting. If reduced screen time is your goal then be careful with Minecraft. Hours can fly by and feel like minutes. You have been warned.

If you still decide to get into Minecraft, and you should, then you are in for a treat. It’s basically a new, digital version of Legos. The game has been used in some schools to foster creativity and develop problem solving skills.

Minecraft has also been touted as a means to develop collaboration skills. Certainly something kids will need in the future. Learning how to share scarce resources, work with a team (some of which includes players around the world), building structures can teach kids valuable lessons all while having fun!

Rocket League

Rocket League has a number of things going for it that make it a great game for kids.

First, it is just about everything cool a kid would want. Rocket-powered cars playing soccer. Really, what adult, let alone kid, could resist such a cool game!

Rocket League is also another good game to develop team skills. With multiplayer options the entire family can get in on the fun. However, if it’s just the kiddo wanting to play they can play against bots.

The only minor issue you may encounter is if your child isn’t at a strong reader just yet. The game set-up does take some skill so you may need to help out. Of all the issues in the world, this really isn’t a huge thing but something to consider.

The Oregon Trail

That’s right. The Oregon Trail makes the list. I cannot think of a game that sucked so much time when I was a kid, that had such bad graphics, but was an absolute joy to play!

This game packs a one-two punch of being entertaining and being educational. Kids will learn about historical events and build problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Your child will learn how to overcome adversity as their digital pioneers encounter natural disasters, disease, bandits, and are forced to trade or hunt for food and supplies. After a few rounds of the game your child will start to think about making decisions with a mind for the future. Each action in the game will impact the future, so planning will be an important skill they develop as well.

The fifth edition is available on Amazon for a reasonable $14.99.


If you’re looking for a fun way to build your child’s vocabulary then Wordscapes is a game worth checking out.

If your kids are fans of Words with Friends or Scrabble they they will love Wordscapes. With unlimited attempts to solve a crossword-style puzzle your child will build their vocabulary. The game comes with some free hints so children (and parents!) won’t be discouraged if they need some assistance.

One of the coolest features is the built-in dictionary to track new words you’ve learned. Available on Android, iOS, and PC the game is perfect for home or on the go.

National Geographic Challenge

To round out our list we are ending with a fun and educational game: National Geographic Challenge (Amazon; prices vary by device).

Learn about historical figures, geography and more in this game for up to four players. Questions come as either easy or difficult and focus on the world’s regions: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Players try to answer 40, 60, or 80 of the game’s questions in a timed competition.

One of the best parts about this game is that the National Geographic archive provided some amazing videos and photography to complement the games. Nothing like playing and seeing some amazing sights to capture a child’s attention.

Gaming can sometimes get a bad rap. I know as a kid I was encouraged to get outside and not spend so much time behind a console. While getting outside is important, dads should also take some time to play fun games with their kids. If the games are educational, all the better. Ultimately what matters is spending quality time as a family.

Today, all the things that surround us are making a shift towards their technical aspect. From health services to travel, education to shopping, all are doing well with the help of technology. The same situation is with your kid, they are also inclined towards the tech wave, from gaming to studies, and everything is online. But as a parent, you always think that technology is a danger than a potential benefit to your kid. So, let us tell you that, online gaming and technology have become a prominent part of modern childhood and it can help in the development of skills in your child. With the help of games, you can change the traditional way of learning basic math, language and increase the knowledge of your kid with more fun. Visuals have more intensity to stay in mind than audio or written. The best part is that you can have a blast playing some games with your kids.

A Way Towards Problem-Solving

As a parent, you should get involved and opt for technical games with your kid for better learning. Start with the basic games on subjects they are learning in their schools. It will help them revise the same in different ways. This way they will understand different methods of solving the same problem. It will improve their problem-solving skills. This will also help increase your child’s visual intelligence and focus.

Invite Their Friends

Online gaming creates a platform to sync your kid’s brain and interest with that of their friends. You can invite your kid’s friends to participate in the gaming session. This will also build the social relationship of your child rather than playing it all alone. You should also take part in between to cheer up the young minds and make it more comfortable for the new one.

Online Exercise Games

These types of games will not only improve the fitness habits of your child but will also allow you to understand their interest. This will raise his / her interest in sports or in some sort of workout.

Family Participation

Getting involved in games with your kid will help in building the bonding between you and your child. This playful session with the family will give your child the joy of competition. It will also help them understand that winning and losing is a part of the game. Allow your child to lead the whole team which will develop leadership and motivation skills.

Be More Creative

Involve them in the creative games, don’t give them the instruction on easy steps, and allow them to tackle little obstacles and hurdles. This will increase their interest and also make them creative in finding the solution to the given problem.

Gaming can be a fun and great source of learning for your kid. Be regular with changing the levels and type of games and you will identify where the interest of your kid lays.

Also, remember to think about setting boundaries with the amount of screen and gaming time.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the term gaming in two ways: playing games for stakes/bets (gambling) or playing computer/video games. While both activities are common today, let’s discuss the second one.

Gaming in the USA

If you are a parent, you must have had concerns about the number of hours kids spend gaming. Though it happens worldwide, the US kids are greatly into this practice. In particular, boys are more affected since there are more computer games that they can play more than girls. That’s why this discussion addresses especially dads. As the tech industry continues to advance, we expect even more passive entertainment options. But wait! Would you like to see your teenager use their whole day playing various games online, on their devices, or even at gaming lounges? Of course, not! Something needs to be done, and as a family head, you need to stand firm to ensure things take place in order.

What Dads Can Do

The day you bought your son or daughter that mobile phone, computer, or PS4 as a gift was a happy one. He/she was glad to get the present of his/her dream while you were overjoyed for whatever prompted the gift-giving, whether excelling in studies, passing through a rite, or something else. But, now the same present has caused chaos or misunderstandings between you. You feel that too much time is spent using it, more so in playing games. On the other hand, he/she thinks that you’re overly restrictive on the usage. “Is my family crumbling?” you ask. The answer is No. Solve the issue by trying the suggestions below:

  • Let the kid understand how you feel about the behavior. Show that you don’t dislike the child, rather the habit. Learn to say no calmly and reasonably.
  • Teach them to judge how much is too much by helping them set designated time appropriate for gaming like when they’re free.
  • Balance is needed. Show them the importance of active entertainment and other energy-driven home chores to their bodies, psychology, and well-being. Further, assist them to strike the required balance.
  • Be the role model. Teenagers tend to imitate adults, especially parents. Ensure you set the pattern by avoiding overindulgence with your smart devices or other technological stuff unless necessary like it’s job-related.
  • Create time and engage your children in beneficial activities like picnicking, camping, hiking, playing real games, and sports. Restriction without a solution might not be perfect.

What Kids Can Do

Obviously, if dad buys you a smart device or computer, he loves you very much. Why not make it a mutual love and display the same back? Yes, gaming can be fun; playing as Real Madrid against your friend’s Barcelona can appear more enjoyable than even watching the real match itself. But, there are other things also that require your attention. So, make it easy for your dad by trying the below suggestions:

  • Be self-disciplined. Set the time limit appropriate for gaming and stick to that schedule. After all, which is better; completing a league season within a day or taking time while anticipating the upcoming matches? Even the real league season doesn’t end in a day!
  • Make sure of the most important things first. You probably game more than you do other necessary things like house chores or schoolwork, and that’s where the problem is. Why not aim at completing the most significant tasks first before embarking on gaming?
  • Avoid any bad company that may strongly influence you into excessive gaming, even if you have a schedule to follow.
  • Inviting dad to the game is also an option. Remember, dads were once kids and we still like to game on!

Final Thoughts

Indeed, your child can do anything it takes to play computer games, even if you dispossess him/her of the device. Nowadays, gaming stations is can be found in almost every city and that is an alternative. Diplomacy, reasonableness, patience, and being understanding might be the useful tools dads can use!