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Gadgets. Just the word alone sparks excitement. Have you ever been at an event with friends and “the gadget guy” shows up. He is the person other dads and kids flock to. They want to know what’s new, what’s cool, and what they need to buy on Amazon ASAP.

Stick with us through the following guide as we uncover top gadgets for dads and you will be that dad!

Top Gadgets for Dads

For The Fitness Enthusiast

We previously put together a list of best fitness gadgets for dads. It’s a good list with lots of fun gadgets for you to play with. However, the Mirror interactive home gym deserves it’s own section.

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

The ongoing pandemic turned many gym goers into neighborhood zombie walkers. You know them. The people walking in endless loops (guess they didn’t use a break statement 😉 around the neighboorhood trying to get in a sweat.

Thankfully you have the Mirror Interactive Home Gym so you’re at home in the cool A/C burning some serious calories.

At first glance the Mirror is, well, a mirror. Then you turn it on to receive a greeting from professional trainers ready to make you beg for a break. The interactive display comes with a camera and speakers to customize your workout. You even get to pick your poison. With over 50 workouts, including cardio, yoga, and strength training, you will get tired. Just not tired of the Mirror.

The drawback? This is more than your monthly gym membership. Clocking in at $1,495 this is an investment. You also need to purchase a $39/month subscription. If you’re up for giving it a shot you can check out the Mirror here


For The Cyclist

If you cycle you know the joy of tearing down the road with wind, and bugs, in your face. For the less fortunate you also know the lack of joy from finding a cut bike lock. With this lightweight Kevlar bike lock you will secure your bike in style and discourage would be bike thieves.

Weighing only 0.3 lbs (145 grams) this lock is lightweight and won’t weigh you down. It’s also compact and can be coiled up with a diameter less than 3 inches. Made with multi-layer steel and Kevlar bands this lock will quickly discourage a would-be thief. You also have the ability to set your own, unique 3-digit code.

The one drawback is that this won’t replace a U-lock as this lock can only secure the wheel to the frame or the frame to a post.

Pick up one on Amazon ($36-$84) and give it a try!

For The Auto Enthusiast

We get it. You love your kid and your car. Now you can bring both together and enjoy those longer joy rides while keeping your little one entertained.

This LED mirror generates lights that flicker to keep your baby entertained. It also a soothing mode with the lights slowing flickering on and off. With a wireless remote you can control the music and lights from the front while your baby enjoys the show safely in the back.

For the Between the Seat Diver

We’ve all been there. Keys, credit cards, rings, money and much more falls down the “crack of doom” between the car seats. After a period of adult language you then have to jam your hand into the crack to fish out whatever was dropped. You may have also had an audience of kiddos laughing at your antics. That time is finally over!

With this grabbing multi-tool, complete with a detachable LED light and magnetic arms, you can reach between the seats, under the couch, and behind the fridge with ease. It’s one of those tools that you didn’t know you needed. Until you absolutely needed it. Currently priced at $30 the convenience is worth the small upfront cost.

For the Sleep Deprived

If you’ve been day dreaming of a good night of sleep then you may be in need of these SleepPhones. These soft headband headphones allow you to create a calm and relaxing listening experience to lull yourself to sleep. You can even play your own music via Bluetooth.

With two speakers built into the sides you simply slide the SleepPhones over your ears and it’s lights out! It’s a great nighttime sleep aid since you don’t have to worry about earbuds falling out or digging into your ears. Another great benefit? The rechargeable batteries last up to 13 hours. As a dad you know that you’ll never get to sleep for 13 hours. So these are basically guaranteed to last multiple nights in a row. Unless you do get 13 hours of sleep. Then lucky you!

You can pick up a SleepPhone band for about $100. So it isn’t the cheapest gadget around, but if it leads to better sleep the investment is worthwhile.

While we’re talking about top gadgets for dads that involve headbands you can also check out the RunPhones from the same folks who developed the SleepPhones. This is a team that seems to be about producing some cool headgear that can be used in a variety of situations.

That just about brings us to the end of this list of top gadgets for dads. With the above gadget in your car and around your head, you can confidently stroll into the next backyard BBQ and know you are the guy all the other dads will look to for advice. Use your power wisely!


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