As our society started to modernize, we started to find new, different ways to make the most out of new inventions. While we rely on technology at work, we also use it at home quite a bit. In many ways, technology has managed to revolutionize our lives while providing in creative ways for us to enjoy and make the most out of life. In this article I’ll discuss some of the many benefits of using technology at home.

Benefits of Using Technology at Home

Improved Communication

It would be tough to argue that technology hasn’t improved how we communicate. Thanks to technology, people are just a phone call or a click away. We take this for granted, but it’s a big deal. Being able to simply and cheaply connect with the ones we love when we want has allowed families separated by oceans to stay connected.

Increased Productivity

Sometimes we lack the tools and features we need to improve our productivity. Thankfully, technology helps automate many tasks. From robot vacuum cleaners to smart appliances that seem to have limitless potential. Technology can make us more productive and free up time to focus on the activities that we enjoy.

However, parents must be sure to properly secure smart home devices from hackers and teach their kids about healthy screen time. It’s far too easy to let technology get too ingrained in our lives, resulting in more negatives than positives.

Identifying Health Issues

Smartwatches and high tech medical equipment can easily identify health issues. Then you can go to the doctor and address said issues. Health Tech has revolutionized how many people treat illnesses and seek information. Connected devices, such as blood glucose monitors, have made it possible for people with illnesses to lead a more normal life.

Health Tech has also impacted doctors and medical professionals who can now monitor a patient remotely. Gone are the days of having to go into the hospital on a regular basis for check-ins. That means more time for family and fun!

Expanded Search Capabilities

Thanks to technology and more specifically the internet, you can find solutions to everything you want. You can buy nearly anything your mind can imagine online, research the topics you are interested in and find communities of people with shared interests.

I’m old enough to remember libraries, encyclopedias, and (gasp!) the Dewey Decimal System (Google it kiddos). Needless to say entering my query into a search engine and getting thousands of results in 0.12 seconds is amazing!

Increasing Your Security

Some of our frequent readers will find this item odd. Normally I’d discuss how you have to secure such and such a device, keep strong passwords, and myriad other security measures. I still believe all that and think every parent has a duty to teach their kids about good cyber security practices.

With all that said, technology can also be used to boost your personal security. GPS-enabled devices allow parents to know where their kids are and who they are connecting with online. Home security devices give you more control over who enters your home. Digital lockers also provide a means to backup important documents and photos.

Technology is like any tool. It can be used for good and bad. We have to protect ourselves from those who use it for bad. We also have to enjoy and take full advantage of all the positives that it brings to our lives! I for one am not a Luddite enough to want to go back to the pre-tech “Dark Ages”.

Access to Global Knowledge

When I was a lad in school we had pen-pals. I’d write a letter with pen and paper, mail it through “snail mail” and eventually get a response. This could take weeks.

Today you can chat with people from all over the world anytime you want. The access to knowledge on a global scale is one of the greatest benefits of using technology at home. Can’t travel to Europe? Your kids can watch some educational videos on YouTube then, with parental supervision, find an online pen-pal from a kid-safe site and chat with others on the other side of the world. It’s a great opportunity to expand a young mind and all you need is an internet connection.

Saving Time and Money

In the age of click-to-buy with Amazon this might not seem to be true, but we can save time and money using technology.

It’s now easier than ever to purchase items on the cheap via auction sites (eBay) or from large merchants. Online storage is certainly cheaper, in many cases free, and much more convenient than the ‘ol floppy disk or external hard drive.

“Time is money” is one expression that we’ve all heard and is true. Deciding between picking up a prescription or watching your kids soccer game isn’t a fun choice. Clicking a button while at your kids soccer game to schedule curb side pick up is an excellent option!

It can be helpful to rely on technology. It has the potential to help solve life’s problems in a variety of ways. The right tech can eliminate time-wasters. It’s important to use tech whenever you can, but at the same time you still need to have some limitations as it can be very addictive. Used wisely, technology has the potential to change your life and eliminate many of the chores and challenges many of us encounter throughout the day.


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