If you are a dad and you enjoy gaming from time to time, is it a good idea to introduce your child to this activity? Many parents believe that gaming is bad for kids, but the truth is that it all comes down to a few important things. The way you introduce your child to gaming, the games you play, and how much time the child plays per day are all important factors. Once you address these concerns with the right approach you may be surprised to find that dads should include their kids in gaming.

This article describes a few benefits of introducing your kids to gaming. It goes beyond spending quality time together and can have many benefits.

Reasons Why Dads Should Include Their Kids in Gaming

Improving Coordination

One important reason why dads should want to introduce their children to gaming is because games can improve coordination. Many games rely on fast reflexes. From racing to adventure and sports, numerous exciting video games exist that dads can play with their children.

It may sound a bit too good to be true, but gaming can improve coordination. A study found that young adults who play 5+ hours per week displayed better coordination. The gamer group was better able to keep a car in a lane during a game versus a non-gamer group.

Boosting the Brain’s Speed

Games will introduce your child to speed challenges and tasks that need to be solved within a certain amount of time. The best part about this is your child will have no problem thinking faster and finding solutions.

From personal experience, Tetris as a kid helped me think faster. The blocks keep falling and you have to visualize where they should go before time is up. While a simple game compared to titles available today, Tetris was very tricky. It required the ability to think ahead while rapidly moving the controller and manipulating the blocks. Addictive for a young kid? Heck yes! It was also a great way to help the brain think faster.

Foster Attention to Details

Lots of games require kids to pay attention to the details. There are a lot of puzzles they can solve, but the details are hidden. It’s very beneficial for kids, since they learn how to pay close attention, and that alone can make a huge difference.

Think about all the adventure games with hidden treasures. Finding those items can be more fun than actual missions. To collect all the in-game loot, however, requires attention to the details. Many items are hidden so you have to spot anomalies in the game and have a sense of adventure.

Enhancing Social Skills

I might lose a few dads here. Most people don’t think of gaming as being a social activity. The stereotype of a guy in front of a computer in a dark room is portrayed in multiple movies.

However, video games are a great way for kids to connect with others. They can make a lot of new friends via gaming while remaining safe with proper parental controls.

Remaining social is especially important right now. With many schools adopting a virtual classroom model kids need an outlet and opportunity to play with friends. Spending some time gaming with friends can help provide some much needed socialization.

Games Make Learning Fun

Many kids learn how to type by playing games. Educational games bring together the excitement of play with the value of learning. The lessons learned can go much further than just typing.

Kids can learn about history (Oregon Trail), markets and economy (Animal Crossing), and problem solving (many RPG/adventure titles). Not to mention that overcoming adversity is a lesson in and of itself. Games present many challenges without real world repercussions. A child might fail at defeating a final level multiple times. When they do finally achieve victory they will feel a sense of accomplishment and learn that determination pays off.

Gaming can occasionally take a bad rap. From conversations with colleagues and paying attention to trends it seems like younger parents are more receptive to kids gaming. I know my opinion is biased since I have always enjoyed gaming. It is my belief that dads should include their kids in gaming to help build valuable skills, teach some life lessons, and share a wonderful hobby.

With colder weather just a few months away now might be a great time to think about introducing your kids to some of your favorite games. You’re bound to have fun and you might even be surprised to find the youngster has some natural super-gamer abilities!


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